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Celebrating the achievements of the past ten years and launching our Second Decade Campaign for a Vermont that works for all.

Public Assets Institute’s mission is to conduct research, perform fiscal analysis, disseminate information, and develop policies that apply the powers of government to improving the well being of ordinary citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

Since 2004 Public Assets has focused on the first three parts of our mission. Now, in 2014, we are re-committing ourselves to the fourth: developing policies that improve the well being of all Vermont citizens.

The Second Decade Campaign has three parts:

1. Fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $300,000 over three years to increase Public Assets’ capacity to both do the research and analysis that we’re known for and to develop policy options based on that research that can make Vermont a state that works for all.

2. Public conversation with Vermonters about how we can move toward a Vermont that works for all. We will be traveling around the state this summer and fall, and throughout the next decade, sharing our research, listening to Vermonters, and developing proposals.

3. Policy proposals based on our research and conversations that will show policymakers not only what the issues are, but how we can work together to get to a Vermont that works for all.


Kick-off video
4/1/14 - Video