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Public Assets Institute Launches Second Decade Campaign for a Vermont that works for all

MONTPELIER, VT — Public Assets Institute staff, board and strategic partners gathered in the Vermont state house Thursday to launch the group’s second decade campaign: for a Vermont that works for all.

The group celebrated the achievements of its first ten years and recommitted to developing policy proposals for a Vermont that works for all.

Public Assets President explained, “We know that if we continue to provide accurate, understandable information and analysis, Vermont legislators, advocates, the media, and community leaders will use this information to inform their choices. We also know that often the available policy options end up being a choice between the lesser of two evils. That’s why we are committing to working on developing new policy options. Because of our Second Decade Campaign we will have the resources and staffing we need to take the information and analysis we produce and use it to develop policy options that will show us who we can become as a state, not limit us to choosing the state we don’t want to be.”

Founding and current board member Sheila Reed reminded those gathered, “When we began Public Assets Institute 10 years ago, we could see clearly the need for the information and analysis we planned to provide, but we really had no idea how important this effort would be to our state and the people who live here. Public Assets Institute has changed the conversation in Vermont and has helped policy makers to clarify the kind of state we want to be and how we want to treat the people who live here.”

Karen Lafayette, representing the Vermont Low Income Advocacy Council noted, “When I was a legislator for my first 8 years in this building I understood the value the necessity of expert research, analysis, policy development and disseminating information. Public Assets has become that resource for all of us in this State. I am glad to be here today with Public Assets, celebrating that work and celebrating their future commitment to Vermont. I look forward to continuing to work with them to improve the lives of all Vermont citizens, especially the most vulnerable”

A few of the charts that Public Assets has made that have helped to clarify policy discussions can be found here:

Larry Mandell, Public Assets Institute board chair, clarified that the Second Decade Campaign has three key components. First, raising $300,000 over three years to provide needed resources to expand the group’s capacity. Second, talking with and listening to Vermonters to develop proposals, and third, “bringing policy proposals to Montpelier to show policymakers not only what the issues are, but how we can work together to get to a Vermont that works for all.”

Public Assets Institute has already raised 1/3 of its goal of $300,000 over three years. The group plans a statewide tour over the next several months to share information and have a public conversation about key issues, and will bring policy ideas forward in January.


Public Assets Institute’s mission is to conduct research, perform fiscal analysis, disseminate information, and develop policies that apply the powers of government to improving the well-being of ordinary citizens, especially the most vulnerable.