Health Care

We all need and deserve access to quality, affordable health care services throughout our lives—from prenatal care to doctor’s visits, surgery to long-term care to hospice. It is the responsibility of government to ensure that the needed health care infrastructure is in place by providing public funding, planning, regulation, professional licensing, and service programs.

May 10, 2017

The Legislature postponed its planned adjournment last week ostensibly over a disagreement with the governor about health care for Vermont’s local teachers. A lot of numbers have been thrown around—and I’ll get to those in the minute—but the crux of the dispute is that the governor claims he can drive a better bargain with the teachers than local school boards can. He’s not trying to make himself out to be Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump, but he says he has a plan to save $26 million.

The thing is, the plan the governor is promoting is a variation of one already underway.


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