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Data Walks

Voices for Vermont’s Children and Public Assets are working together on the Vermont Education Equity Project—during this 20th anniversary year of the Brigham decision and Act 60—to help build public understanding of Vermont’s education funding system and the challenges facing our public schools and communities.

We want to expand our public education policy community and our education policy thinking and advocacy this year. As part of this effort, we hosted a series of meetings around the state to help ground our work in the realities of public school and community experiences. The goal of this work is to ensure that all of our kids have what they need to achieve educational success.

The focus group/data walk meetings served two purposes. We provided participants with information and data about the existing public education system. We also asked participants to help to us connect the dots between the data available about public education in Vermont and the realities of public schools and communities. The meetings provided an opportunity to review data together and listen to each other’s thoughts about it: what it told us, what it did not tell us, what was missing, and what’s needed.

We convened data walks/focus groups in these towns:

BRATTLEBORO: August 23, 2017
BENNINGTON: August 24, 2017
BARRE: August 28, 2017
BURLINGTON: August 30, 2017
HARDWICK: August 31, 2017

And here are the charts that we presented:

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)