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Weigh in on state priorities

During the pandemic, did unemployment benefits, housing supports, or food aid help you make ends meet? Has poor internet made it difficult to learn or work remotely? Over the summer, did Lake Champlain’s closed beaches prevent you from cooling off?

Now is your chance to weigh in on how government can support Vermonters going forward. The legislature is seeking input on how to use the federal American Rescue Plan funds. They have already allocated nearly half of the $1.05 billion on:

  • the recovery of Vermonters, work force development and business supports
  • housing development
  • broadband development
  • climate change mitigation
  • clean water initiatives.

Investing in Vermont’s Future Community Conversations,” hosted by the Speaker of the House and the Senate President Pro Tem, are virtual forums to share your thoughts on how the money should be spent over the next three years.

Register for one of these community forums and help shape the conversation:

If you can’t attend, submit feedback online or reach out to or to set up a conversation with the Speaker and Pro Tem and your community group.

Posted by Julie Lowell on October 6, 2021 at 3:03 pm

One Response to “Weigh in on state priorities”

  1. George Cross says:

    The list of already funded projects is impressive but seriously lacking in the one issue that is on the minds of thousands living within the obnoxious noise and impact of the F-35 war plane. Sound mitigation is a red herring that is little more than a political invention of our congressional delegation. Interestingly, our congressional delegation and many of Vermont’s top politicians have placed economics ahead of people in trying to accommodate the F-35 war machine. What is needed is the direction of monetary resources to the task of eliminating the F-35 war machine from Vermont and replacing it with a mission that fits Vermont. The F-35 war machine not only does not protect Vermonters, it probably attracts attention to our state as a first strike target for our enemies. The F-35 is a first strike war machine designed to destroy, not protect. The fact that Senator Leahy overtly interfered with the siting process to stroke his own ego should not drive politics in Vermont. The fact that our junior congressional delegation folllows his lead only demonstrates their lack of political courage. It is time for the State of Vermont to step up and do something about this travesty/. BTW, the VNG refuses to disclose how many of the pilots and others training in Vermont are even Vermont residents.