Call the Statehouse

Francis Brooks

– Get up-to-the minute information on committee schedules, floor activity, and other statehouse events.
– Book conference or meeting rooms (ask a legislator to co-sponsor for best results).
– Schedule the Card Room for display (call early January to schedule the following year).
– Leave a message for a legislator (or fax).
– Book a group tour of the Statehouse.

Legislative Council

– Get copies of working drafts of specific bills.
– Provide background information when bills are being drafted.

Committee Staff

Schedule testimony.
– Find out details of Committee schedule.
– Obtain background information provided to Committee by other witnesses.
– Get updates on Committee work or latest versions (“mark-ups”) of bills in committee.

Joint Fiscal Office
Steve Klein, Chief Legislative Fiscal Officer

– Get financial analysis of tax or spending bills.
– Obtain budget documents during budget work.
– Access other research and analysis requested by legislators.

Representative Shap Smith

Senate President Pro-Tem
Senator Peter Shumlin

Lieutenant Governor
The Honorable Brian Dubie

Buildings and General Services
Gerry Myers, Commissioner

– Schedule/arrange use of Statehouse lawn for events/demonstrations.

Statehouse Tour Coordinator
Alice Merrill