Vermont Department of Libraries

Within a few months of Vermont’s joining the Union in 1791, the state’s first library was organized in Brookfield. Now, 61% of Vermonters have a library card at one or more of the state’s 180 public libraries. Twice as many visit their local libraries today as did 10 years ago, and check out 15% more materials; last year an average of 2,230 a day used their libraries’ computers. Although local libraries are not state funded, the Vermont Department of Libraries supports them in many ways.

In FY-06 it:
• Circulated 81,034 books and other materials to libraries and individuals
• Answered 71,538 requests for information
• Conducted 92 workshops for 1,169 librarians
• Enrolled 6,605 children in summer reading programs at 152 libraries
• Received 4,726 queries/day to the Vermont Online Libraries database

Employees: 34 full time

FY-07 Actual Expenses: $3,536,729 million
(56% labor and benefits, 42% operating expenses, 2% grants)

FY-07 Budgeted Revenues: $3,699,707 million
(69% general fund, 6% special funds, 22% federal funds, 3% interdepartmental transfer)

Sources: Sybil Brigham McShane, State Librarian; VT Public Library Statistics, 2007 Biennial Report Supplement

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