Community High School of Vermont

Department of Corrections, Agency of Human Services

The Community High School of Vermont (CHSVT) is the state’s largest high school. It operates within the Department of Corrections. The students are either serving prison sentences in Vermont or living in the community on probation or parole.

Vermont requires CHSVT attendance for individuals in custody who are under the age of 23 and haven’t finished high school. The school offers a chance to gain literacy, life skills, and vocational training, and to earn a diploma.

Over 90 percent of Vermont’s inmates under 22 were high school dropouts prior to incarceration. Ensuring these young people a second chance at a degree-and all the accompanying opportunities-is a service to them, their families, and the public.

In FY 2008 the Community High School of Vermont:
• awarded 138 high school diplomas
• awarded 22 GED certificates
• served approximately 3,500 students
• maintained 17 campus sites

Employees: about 57 FTE teachers and administrators,
plus 66 adjunct faculty volunteers

FY08 revenues: $4,450,202 (75 percent General Fund,
14 percent federal funds, 11 percent Education Fund)

FY08 expenditures: $4,335,778 (82 percent personal
services, 18 percent operating expenses)

Source: Community High School of Vermont


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