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Equitable education for all Vermont children

Voices for Vermont’s Children’s annual conference Just Systems and Thriving Communities, for Every Child and Youth is this Wednesday, November 6, at the Capitol Plaza in Montpelier. The conference will focus on economic security, child protection, and health and education. Voices is a longtime partner of Public Assets Institute, particularly in the area of ensuring equitable educational outcomes for all Vermont’s kids. Public Assets will be presenting a workshop described below at the conference:

Equitable collection and distribution of school funding is essential for public education to work for all children. Twenty years ago, Vermont enacted Act 60, the most equitable school funding system in the country. But there’s still room for improvement in both the collection and distribution. This workshop will explore the current funding system and how it was enacted, introduce an income-based system that would be fairer and simpler, and discuss how such a change might allow communities to focus on another big change: achieving more equitable outcomes for kids.

Please join us for the workshop and the whole conference if you can!

Posted by Stephanie Yu on November 4, 2019 at 1:56 pm

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