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2016 Vermont Primary Election

Tomorrow, August 9, is primary day. Not the presidential primary, which Vermont held on Town Meeting Day in March. It’s the other one—the primary for state offices and the General Assembly. It’s time to choose party candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, state auditor, attorney general, and all 180 Vermont House and Senate seats. And this year, since some key incumbents are moving on or opting out, Vermonters are guaranteed new leadership in Montpelier.

It’s August. Many people aren’t really thinking about November yet, or they’re on vacation or are so sick of the presidential race that they’re ignoring all things political. But voting is the most basic way to participate in shaping the state’s direction.

Two years ago, less than half of registered voters voted in the general election. And the primary turnout across all parties was under 40,000 Vermonters, or less than 10 percent of registered voters. That means, if you skip the primary election, a small group of other people will decide who you can vote for in November.

If you don’t know who to support, don’t let that stop you. VTDigger has an excellent primary guide and Vermont Public Radio has posted audio of interviews and debates with statewide candidates. It’s not too late to see where they stand before voting tomorrow.

Posted by Stephanie Yu on August 8, 2016 at 3:56 pm

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