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2016 Con Hogan Award

There’s still time to submit a nomination for The 2016 Con Hogan Award for Creative, Entrepreneurial, Community Leadership.

The $15,000 annual award—to be spent however the individual winner chooses—was established in 2015. It intends to encourage and reward mid-career leaders who share Con’s vision of a better Vermont—one that places the highest value on the public good, who seize the responsibility for making that vision real, and who use data and measurement to guide their decision-making.

Last fall, the inaugural award was given to Ellen Kahler, executive director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund. In accepting the award, Ellen said: “Fundamentally, we need to build a culture of care, kindness, abundance and connection, rather than perpetuating a culture of indifference, fear, scarcity and disconnection.”

In a time when we hear a lot about what isn’t working, the Con Hogan Award celebrates Vermonters like Ellen who are dedicating their lives to making things work—really work. These are people who take big risks in pursuit of their vision, focus on measureable results backed up by solid data, work with others including those who disagree with them, and persist despite setbacks—qualities that Con has exemplified throughout his life.

For anyone considering whether to submit a nomination or trying to decide whom they might nominate, Ellen has more to say about the importance of the award and its impact on her personally and on her organization. You can read a Q&A with Ellen here.

Anyone may submit a nomination. The deadline is 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Posted by Paul Cillo on June 16, 2016 at 12:20 pm

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