Are you feeling a little tense as you anticipate time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving dinner table? Is it something more than the new turkey recipe that’s making you anxious? Are you worried that when the conversation turns to politics and the economy you won’t have the facts at your command? You’re in luck. Josh Bivens, an economist at the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute, has your back. He’s prepared fact-based responses to the typical Thanksgiving Day assertions and posted them in a blog recently. Give it a read. Think of it as just another part of your Thanksgiving dinner preparation. Read more
110415blogchart3 Vermont has a budget problem: the state budget is not meeting Vermont’s needs. The major indicators of Vermonters’ economic wellbeing are moving in the wrong direction. Median household income is falling, poverty and homelessness are rising, and one in eight Vermonters needs food stamps to have enough to eat. This is not the state that we aspire to be. Nevertheless, each year the Legislature makes deeper cuts to state services to balance the budget. And each year more and more Vermonters are worse off than they were the year before. It’s time to change the budget conversation, to understand what is actually happening—what Vermonters need and how well state services are working to meet those needs. Read more
F1-MJB076 Vermont’s unemployment rate, which counts only those actively looking for work, remained steady at 3.7 percent last month. But that’s not the whole story. In October the number of Vermonters working, including the self-employed, slid to its lowest point since 2003. Based on household surveys, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated 332,440 Vermonters employed in October—2,000 fewer than in September and a drop of about 4,500 since July.       Fluctuations in jobs The loss of 50 or 100 jobs seems like big news in Vermont. But in any given year employers eliminate tens of thousands of jobs. Read more


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November 25, 2015
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November 20, 2015



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