SWVTlogo Vermont’s economy began to grow again after the recession, but has since cooled off. Even before the recession, real economic growth was slow. And figures released in December 2015 show that Vermont’s gross state product—the value of goods and services produced in the state—was essentially the same in 2014 as it was in 2011, after adjusting for inflation.
F1-MJB083 In May the Vermont labor force increased for the fifth straight month, the best stretch of growth in seven years. The labor force, which includes people working and those actively looking for work, climbed to 345,821, the highest level in 15 months. Employment also rose in May, while unemployment dropped.       Where women work Since 2001 Vermont has required employers to report the gender of their employees, which helps to track how women fare in the labor market. As of 2014,Vermont was the only state to collect such data. Read more
Young people and rich people are moving to Vermont. If this surprises you, you aren’t alone. You’re more likely to hear that the young and the wealthy are fleeing Vermont for better opportunities. Your neighbors bought a condo and moved to Florida. Your daughter got a good job and took off for Chicago. So yes, people move out of Vermont. But here’s what else is happening: They’re moving in. About the same number of young people move to Vermont as leave the state each year. That’s true of high-income people too. Read more



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