There should be a bright side to Gov. Peter Shumlin’s frequent complaint that Vermont business owners have difficulty finding skilled workers. When there is work to be done and not enough workers, wages should go up. That would be a good thing, and something that needs to happen in Vermont. You wouldn’t know it from recent reporting, but the state’s economy, as measured by the gross state product, has actually been doing relatively well. Despite this economic growth, though, wages have fallen, and there are fewer Vermonters employed now than prior to the start of the recession. Read more
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F1-MJB066 The number of jobs declined in December, but Vermont still ended 2014 with more private sector jobs and more non-farm payroll jobs than it had at the start of the year. Private employers reported 255,400 jobs in December, an increase of 1,600 over January. The total number of jobs, both private and public, was up 900 from the beginning of the year, to 310,200.       More at work The number of Vermonters working—either on payroll or self-employed—was higher in December than at the start of the year. But the December employment total, 337,300, was below the 2014 peak, which came last spring. Read more



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