Vermont Budget

November 2, 2017

Gov. Phil Scott sets out some priorities in the fiscal 2019 State Budget Overview released Thursday. He doesn’t spell out goals per se; they’re more like areas of concern. Still, the budget process just seems backwards, especially when the stated goal of the budget, at least according to statute, is to address the needs of Vermonters.

The Budget Overview says the administration will measure progress by: “Growing the Economy,” “Making Vermont More Affordable,” and “Protecting the Vulnerable.” These are laudable goals, but there are no defined targets. For example, one metric is “[p]ercent of population living below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).” But there’s no indication of what the percentage ought to be or what might be done to reduce poverty. “Wage growth—by region” is another metric, but again, no goal, no 5-year target.


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