The Public Assets Institute provides sound, timely, and accessible fiscal and policy analysis.

We publish research reports, both in house and in collaboration with other individuals and organizations, and prepare press releases, opinion pieces, and presentations on topics related to our current work.

You will find our latest publications listed below, and archives of all our reports, op-eds, press releases, maps and newsletters by category.

Latest publications:

Consumer Protection Section
December 28, 2007
December 2007 Update
December 27, 2007
Where They Come From; Where They Go
December 3, 2007
Vermonters’ Incomes Outpaced School Taxes (1996-2006)
December 2, 2007
The Governor’s Budget Release: Earlier is Better
December 1, 2007
Vermont Department of Libraries
October 29, 2007
October 2007 Update
October 16, 2007
The State of Working Vermont 2007
September 1, 2007
State Parks Division
August 29, 2007
August 2007 Update
August 8, 2007